What led us to imagine AMI®

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A few years ago, a close relative of our founder (Christian Bonidal) after a neuroleptic withdrawal, found herself facing significant memory damage, without having Alzheimer's disease. From conferences to congresses, meetings, and field surveys, he realized that many elderly people are going through the same situation: The elderly loses track of time and loses access to their chronological memory. Based on this observation, after four years of consultations, research, trials, experiments on the concept of communication via TV screens, Leap Motion, Touch pad… a Digital Solution to help the Elderly, managed by a Relative (or a Health Professional), was born: AMI®.

An isolated elderly person, with memory loss issues, starts to doubt his/her memories and spends his/her time trying to remove them. His/her brain is exhausted, the internal clock is shifting. The Elderly person rejects the essentials: TV remote control, Telephone, he/she no longer follows his/her medical treatment and ends up forgetting to drink and hydrate.” Christian Bonidal, Founder-President.

Christian Bonidal, Founder-president

AMI Interactive Memory Assistant

AMI, created by SAS “Les Béquilles du Cognitif” (French Simplified Joint-Stock Company), has been the subject of regular developments in the last 5 years in collaboration with doctors, Gerontologists and managers of ICM, INRIA, INSERM, various Living LABs and university researchers.

French Tech Grant’s winner and finalist of the Legrand Foundation competition, AMI is a promising solution in the fight against cognitive slippage.

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Summary and reminders.

Because, even today, A.M.I. is the only device able to support isolated elderly people.

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‌To stay in their home, the elderly need help :

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We innovate for our loved ones and their caregivers.