Over the next 20 years, the number of people affected by an age-related cognitive disease is likely to double.

Our objective, with our solution, is to help as many of our seniors as possible to have a better quality of life, while maintaining their independence at home.  The help provided by AMI must, above all, be provided to their family Carers, in order to alleviate/lighten/relieve the daily tasks arduousness. Making digital health accessible and strengthening human and emotional relationships are two of our main missions/goals.


2 Applications with majors’ assets

Digital daily support service for Caregivers helping Care Receivers (or “Caree”), AMI allows easily to program preventive actions and start conversations via videos, photos, audio messages and/or written messages.

A fundamental difference that makes AMI a unique solution

AMI was designed to deliver information simply and quickly (by the caregiver), to the beneficiary (the Caree), without any research action (gathered in the same app). AMI is an innovative solution, as a mobile application, the objective of which is to limit the cognitive slippage of people with disabilities/loss of autonomy and to support the loved one in his role of caregiver.

The Apps can be downloaded from a smartphone (AMI AIDANT) and a tablet (AMI AIDÉ).

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Records messages for the Caree according to a pre-established tree structure that allows him/her to create and send a Video.

The caregiver has access to a device that allows to be better considered by the Caree. Extend their physical visits with a virtual presence. And decreases the stress in case of forgetting to transmit an information.


conçoit des messages pour l’Aidé grâce à une arborescence pré-établie qui permet de créer et d’envoyer une Vidéo.
Accède à un dispositif qui permet d’être mieux considéré par l’Aidé Prolonge ses visites physiques par une présence virtuelle Minimise son stress dans le cas d’un oubli de transmission d’information


Our solution requires a small amount of energy from the Caree.

The Caree receives messages from the Caregiver in several forms (Text, Audio and/or Video), aiming to enable him/her to rediscover a dynamic memory activity:

Coming soon, you will be able to upload the applications and get a 1-month free trial.


Notre solution mobilise un minimum d’énergie chez l’Aidé

L’Aidé réceptionne des messages de l’Aidant sous forme de Texte / Audio / Vidéo dans l’objectif de le mettre en capacité de retrouver une activité mémorielle dynamique :