« Our purpose »

To act for the well-being and good health of Caregivers and Care Receiver (Caree), with disabilities, isolation or cognitive impairment.

We work to allow the most vulnerable to live in their family and social environment.

AMI® supports people with frailty and their caregivers.

We design digital solutions dedicated to improving the health of those with cognitive deficits due to age, illness, disability, or accidents of life (a.k.a. the Caree).

Today, Caregivers must deal with a demanding professional life and a rhythmic personal life, which weakens family as social ties and accentuates the isolation of the elderly. A period when their capacities deteriorate and leave them in significant struggle.

People who have become dependent are “helped” and taken in charge by carers to improve their well-being.

Our mission is to support caregivers, with our new solutions, to help our elders to live their lives to the fullest, while maintaining the social bond necessary for their better living.

An elderly person’s brain uses as much or more energy than that of a 20-year-old. At the same time, his body provides him with 3-6 times less energy. He is driven to pace himself. Thinking and doing 3 things in sequence consumes too much energy, so he decides to ignore or pretend he doesn't know how to do it.

Christian Bonidal, Founder-President

Helping, accompanying, and taking care of a loved one profoundly changes our daily life.

Reconciling professional, personal, and family life as a caregiver is a real societal issue. (Informal) Caregivers must be efficient and calm in their role with their Carees. Furthermore, being a caregiver inevitably has an impact on life, (physically as mentally), but also on the development of the Caregiver/Caree’s relationship. In addition, it can lead to relationship complications not only with the Care Receiver, but also with other family members, the employer, or friends: the recognition of the difficulty of being a caregiver and the value of the Care offered to the Caree.

Our ambition is to help, in France, most of the 11 million informal Caregivers. This issue is not just national. Indeed, according to an OECD report (2018), informal caregivers in Europe represent 10 to 25% of the total population, depending on the country. On average, 1 out of 6 person is an informal caregiver currently in the E.U. Overall, this concerns more than 74 million persons.

AMI is LBDC’s first Application. In the struggle against cognitive slippage and well-being protection, it also aims to educate companies, decision-makers and the public to aging well, a real societal and financial issue.

Aider, accompagner et prendre soin d’un proche modifie profondément le quotidien.
Concilier une vie professionnelle, personnelle et familiale en étant aidant est un véritable enjeu sociétal. Les « aidants » doivent être efficaces, sereins pour assurer leur rôle auprès des aidés. Or être aidant impacte forcément la vie, notamment sur la santé physique et psychique mais aussi sur l’évolution de la relation Aidant / Aidé.

Nous ambitionnons d’aider une majorité des 11 Millions d’Aidants naturels, Aidants salariés et sensibiliser les entreprises, le grand public au bien vieillir ensemble : un enjeu de santé publique et financier.

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